May 2011 Progress Report

Wed Jun 01 2011

Hello, this is FreeDroidRPG's monthly report for the month of Maying! These are the notable changes of the month:

Programming department

  • A level enter event has been implemented by Maria Grazia Alastra, enabling scripted events to be triggered upon walking into a level and opening many new and exciting possibilities.

Graphics department

  • Józef Kucia implemented animated bullets, and de-hardcoded the definitions of obstacles; now adding your own scenery to the game is much easier. Go ahead and try!
  • The shotgun bullets are now animated and increase their spread over the course of their flight. By Infrared

Sound department

  • Michael Mendelson implemented positional audio: now you can tell where and how far away that pesky droid is!

Writing department

  • More dialog has been written for the Hell Fortress server, and the relevant quest has been expanded slightly, by Matthias Krüger.

Among the smaller changes:

  • Performance in OpenGL mode has been improved and relevant code has been simplified, by Arthur Huillet.
  • For easier testing of new graphics, obstacle and item graphics can now be reloaded without restarting the game using a key combination: Left Ctrl + Left Shift + Left Alt + G. Thanks to Józef Kucia.
  • The player now gets a reward for sparing Koan's life in Duncan's quest, thanks to Thor.
  • In the first use-case for the level enter event, the player can now fight in the arena in the town without asking the arena master to respawn the bots there after the first time. Thanks to Maria Grazia Alastra.
  • Many bugfixes and minor tweaks.

All in all, 138 changes were committed in May,

Once again, we wish to thank every contributor, and ask anyone with an idea for a change or an improvement to contact us or submit a patch.

-The FreeDroidRPG Team

April 2011 Progress Report

Sun May 01 2011

Hello, this is FreeDroidRPG's monthly progress report for April! This month's focus was mainly on development tools, namely lua and the level editor, and under-the-hood changes that make FreeDroidRPG's framework a saner place. Let's get started:

Programming department

  • A has_met() function was introduced to the lua dialogs, which means a cookie no longer has to be assigned whenever a NPC is first encountered, thanks to Józef Kucia.
  • It is now possible to add and remove obstacles through the dialogs, thanks to Samuel Pitoiset.

Mapping department

  • Much polishing and many tweaks and small changes have been made on various levels by Matthias Krüger.

Writing department

  • A new quest involving a new character, Ewald's long-lost servant robot, has been added, thanks to JK Wood, Matthias Krüger and Infrared.
  • James rewrote the beginning of the game (the conversation with Francis) so it is more fast-paced and involves more action.
  • Chandra, the town sage, now knows more about Linarians, the player's race. Thanks to James.

Some of the smaller changes made this past month:

  • An options menu appears when the player dies, by Manuel Biot.
  • A bug in the level editor that caused the player to spawn outside of the map while playtesting on a resized level has been fixed, by Cătălin Badea.
  • David H tweaked the hit areas for the in-game program page buttons, making it easier to change pages quickly.
  • The widgets in the level editor are now semi-transparent for easier overview of the map, particularly in smaller resolutions, by Matthias Krüger.
  • The meme plague continues to claim victims across the world of FreeDroidRPG, and even Kevin's girlfriend started showing symptoms of it; avoid infection, or something might happen to your base. All of them. Thanks to Matthias Küger.
  • Numerous other minor fixes, tweaks, cleanups and other changes in all departments.

All in all, 196 changes were committed in April.

We would like to thank the contributors, and ask anyone who wants to change or improve even the slightest thing in the game to send in a patch to, or come and discuss it with us.

March 2011 Progress Report

Fri Apr 01 2011

No joke: this is FreeDroidRPG's monthly progress report for March! Some of the more notable changes made throughout the month:

Programming department

  • The Network Mapper in-game program has been added, replacing the unused Satellite Image program: It displays all the enemies on the current level on the automap for a short time. Remember, you need to have the automap enabled and turned on (default key TAB) to use the skill! Thanks to Miles McCammon.
  • Through many changes to the code and much replacing of functions, performance and visuals in SDL mode are now fully on par with those of OpenGL mode. Thanks to Samuel Pitoiset and Arthur Huillet.

Graphics department

  • The shotgun weapons now fire actual shotgun shells with pellets and spread. Thanks to Infrared.

Writing department

  • Content was added to various signs throughout the game, by Matthias Krüger.
  • John, a new character, has been added as well as a puzzle game involving teleporters. Thanks to Matthias Krüger.
  • Some characters will now speak in a slightly different manner if the player is followed by the Red Guard. Thanks to Thor and Joseph.

Among the smaller changes are:

  • The automap now updates when obstacles are destroyed; exits and entrances to underground levels are now displayed in yellow on the automap. By Miles McCammon.
  • Unaffordable prices in shops are displayed in red, by Miles McCammon.
  • A bug that caused obstacles not to be displayed on some operating systems was fixed, thanks to fluzz.
  • It is now possible to take screenshots within the game, so don't hesitate to snap a few pictures and show the world the beauty of the game, or show any problems you encounter to the devs. Thanks to Miles McCammon.
  • Heating for most in-game programs has been increased slightly, by Matthias Krüger.
  • The frames in Tux's (the player model) animation are no longer reset when crossing a level border. Thanks to Józef Kucia.
  • It is now possible to cycle between items on the same tile, like obstacles, in the editor.
  • More behind-the-scenes changes for devs and contributors.

All in all 245 changes were committed.

That was March; as always, we want to thank every contributor, and call out to anyone else who wants to add or change something in the game to send in a patch to

-The FreeDroidRPG Team

February 2011 Progress Report

Tue Mar 01 2011

Hello, and welcome to FreedroidRPG's first monthly progress report! Here we will try to give a short summary of the most notable features that were added throughout the month, as well as notable bug fixes. Let's get started:

Programming department

  • A new way of commanding your army of take-over droids is available: Multi-Bot Broadcast. Now you can issue one command to all of your droids that are on the same map level, making management of a large number of bots much simpler. Again, thanks to Miles McCammon.
  • Pedro Arana added different item qualities: each item can come in either good, normal or bad condition.

Graphics department

  • Tux, the player model, has gone through a makeover, courtesy of Infrared: it is now taller, more handsome and more plump. Furthermore, new types of animations are now supported for different types of weapons.
  • A new droid model, the Lawnmower, was recently added. Though seemingly cute and benign, it is known to be quite ferocious when angered, so... Keep off the grass!

Mapping department

  • Slasher Mountains and the Worker mines, the levels south of the town, have been remapped by Xenux.
  • The swamp has been retouched and finished by Matthias Krüger.

Writing department

  • A new character, Will Gapes, has been added to the Hell Fortress with its own quest, by Kurtis Evan and Miles McCammon.
  • Kevin's lawnmower now has a quest associated with it, thanks to Matthias Krüger.

A multitude of other, smaller changes have also been made this month:

  • Breakable brick and glass walls (yes, we have that feature!) are now clickable and are highlighted when pointed at.
  • When the player is invisible NPCs will not initiate a converation, as well as when the player has already initiated a converation.
  • A materials tab has been added to the add-on crafting UI, specifying how much of each material the player has and how much is required to craft the add-on, by Pedro Arana.
  • C-net, the town's community network, is now horribly meme-aware. Don't be tempted to run any programs you might find on it, or you might never be given up... Thanks to Matthias Krüger.
  • Various performance improvements by Samuel Pitoiset.
  • A bug with the configure script that linked to a SDL_mixer library, even if it doesn't exist, was fixed, by Alexander Solovets.
  • Laser bullets are now faster (it is the speed of light, after all), by Matthias Krüger.
  • Many spelling and grammar errors, as well as other linguistic unacceptabilities have been corrected in the dialogs; thanks to Miles McCammon, Matthias Krüger, and JK Wood.
  • Many behind-the-scenes changes to make the developers' and contributors' lives easier.

All in all, 247 changes were committed.

That sums up February; we wish to thank everyone who has contributed, and urge anyone else who wants to change something to send a patch to Who knows, maybe you'll even find your name here!

-The FreeDroidRPG Team