Download FreedroidRPG

Downloading from Codeberg

Download latest version

Just click the link above for freedroidRPG-1.0, the latest version of FreedroidRPG currently available.

For other downloads please browse the files at the following address: Ftp server

Which files do you need?

If you are a Linux user, you are bright enough to figure everything out, like which package you want for your system and the like. You will probably want to download the source tarball, named something like freedroidrpg-1.0.tar.gz, uncompress it via tar zxf, and follow the build instructions.

If you want to play FreedroidRPG under Windows, you will need the latest FreedroidRPG Windows package, usually named something like This is an archive, that will provide everything you need for the game. You can also get the .exe if it is available, this is an automated installer.

Get it from the Git repository

You can also get the latest developer version from our GIT repository. This version sometimes fails to build and can be unstable, but it often contain new features. Besides, it will enable you to help us by finding and fixing bugs. You will need a GIT client to be able to download the developer version.

Here is how you can do it using the command line client:

git clone

Compile & Install

NOTE: If you're using the Windows version of either Freedroid Classic or Freedroid RPG, there is no need to compile anything since these packages come with pre-compiled binaries. All you need to do in this case is start the Freedroid executable, so you can skip the rest of this section.

See our dedicated Building documentation.

Download FreedroidClassic

The latest version is FreedroidClassic 1.0.2

In order to play Freedroid Classic under Windows, you will need the latest Windows binary package: In addition to this package, you will also need the SDL library files, which are in the package

In order to play FreedroidClassic under Linux, see if it is available in your distribution's packages first. The package is usually called freedroid, and is available in most distributions to date.

You can also download the FreedroidClassic sources and build them.

Building FreedroidClassic

To build FreedroidClassic on Linux, detailed instructions are on the INSTALL file. Usually it's the three basic commands:

./ ; ./configure ; make

Remembering to fix any problem that arises during the process (eg. missing packages) and to run make install or ./src/freedroid to install or run the game. (The later will run the game without installing. The former will install so you can play by typing freedroid on your commandline.)

The repository can be found on ReinhardPrix Github.

Please contact and submit patches directly on the GitHub repository. Thanks.