Getting the source files

See Download to get our source files.

Building the game

See system specific informations:

Installing/Uninstalling the game

  • Installing

    If you are working with the latest source tree and want to update it regularly we recommend to not install it, but simply go to the src/ subdirectory and run the game from there:

    cd src ; ./freedroidRPG

    If you want to install it, and have it integrated into your desktop manager application menu (provided that your system is compliant to freedesktop rules), run as root:

    make install
  • Uninstalling

    If you want to uninstall the game, run:

    make uninstall

    Note: This command uses the output of step 2. So if you already removed the source tree, you will have to download it again and run again step 1 and step 2 in order to be able to uninstall it.

If you have problems with the compilation/installation, please contact us