Freedroid gets a new website!

Wed Nov 17 2010

This is the new website for Freedroid. This website features a new visual design, which is modern and easy to navigate.

It will enable us to update the website more frequently and more easily, in order to better communicate about our progress.

FreedroidRPG in Google Summer of Code 2010

Fri Mar 19 2010

FreedroidRPG has been accepted as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2010! If you are a student and wish to spend your summer writing open source software, don't hesitate to apply! Our ideas list is available at

We are available to discuss your ideas on IRC (#freedroid on, on our mailing list, or on our forum at

FreedroidRPG 0.13

Thu Jan 21 2010

FreedroidRPG 0.13 is out, after two candidate releases and three weeks of stabilization.

Download FreedroidRPG

David Rekowski made an unofficial x86-64 build for Mac OS X. It can be downloaded here

FreedroidRPG 0.13rc2

Sun Jan 10 2010

FreedroidRPG 0.13rc2 is out.

This second release candidate includes :

  • a Microsoft Windows package
  • bug fixes in the tutorial
  • addition of a random dungeon, accessible from behind kevin's place
  • bug fixes in the quest browser, automap, leveleditor, ...

See below for what is new in FreedroidRPG 0.13.

Download FreedroidRPG

FreedroidRPG 0.13rc1

Tue Dec 29 2009

We are happy to announce that we are releasing FreedroidRPG 0.13, release candidate 1.

It is currently available as a source tarball. Microsoft Windows binaries will follow.

Download FreedroidRPG 0.13rc1

FreedroidRPG 0.13 is the result of one year of work, and brings the following improvements :


  • Translation support was removed, as a consequence of the lack of a translation team, and technical glitches in our use of gettext for the translation system.
  • New graphics for various items (mostly weapons and ammunition), contributed by infrared
  • Improved graphics of some floor tiles
  • Added graphics for a few map elements
  • Different difficulty levels, accessible in the Options menu


  • Removal of level "interfaces" (the black borders between levels). Transitions between levels are now completely transparent, for a better immersion.
  • Performance improvements in game startup as well as loading and saving games
  • Improve script API, giving the ability to start a takeover game
  • Add a random dungeon generator mechanism, used for now only on level 43
  • Compress savegames to save disk space
  • Removed "examine mode", a feature that was almost unused
  • Add a persistent NPC inventory system for more realism in shops
  • Change the armor system to use a "damage reduction" ratio instead of armor class
  • Fix takeover game display in SDL mode
  • Lots of bug fixes in all areas

Level editor

  • interface improvements
  • ability to edit the contents of chests on the map
  • two-level zoom out mode when using OpenGL

Note that the savegames from previous versions of FreedroidRPG will not be compatible with FreedroidRPG 0.13.

This release candidate is intended to help us find and fix important bugs.