February 2011 Progress Report

Tue Mar 01 2011

Hello, and welcome to FreedroidRPG's first monthly progress report! Here we will try to give a short summary of the most notable features that were added throughout the month, as well as notable bug fixes. Let's get started:

Programming department

  • A new way of commanding your army of take-over droids is available: Multi-Bot Broadcast. Now you can issue one command to all of your droids that are on the same map level, making management of a large number of bots much simpler. Again, thanks to Miles McCammon.
  • Pedro Arana added different item qualities: each item can come in either good, normal or bad condition.

Graphics department

  • Tux, the player model, has gone through a makeover, courtesy of Infrared: it is now taller, more handsome and more plump. Furthermore, new types of animations are now supported for different types of weapons.
  • A new droid model, the Lawnmower, was recently added. Though seemingly cute and benign, it is known to be quite ferocious when angered, so... Keep off the grass!

Mapping department

  • Slasher Mountains and the Worker mines, the levels south of the town, have been remapped by Xenux.
  • The swamp has been retouched and finished by Matthias Krüger.

Writing department

  • A new character, Will Gapes, has been added to the Hell Fortress with its own quest, by Kurtis Evan and Miles McCammon.
  • Kevin's lawnmower now has a quest associated with it, thanks to Matthias Krüger.

A multitude of other, smaller changes have also been made this month:

  • Breakable brick and glass walls (yes, we have that feature!) are now clickable and are highlighted when pointed at.
  • When the player is invisible NPCs will not initiate a converation, as well as when the player has already initiated a converation.
  • A materials tab has been added to the add-on crafting UI, specifying how much of each material the player has and how much is required to craft the add-on, by Pedro Arana.
  • C-net, the town's community network, is now horribly meme-aware. Don't be tempted to run any programs you might find on it, or you might never be given up... Thanks to Matthias Krüger.
  • Various performance improvements by Samuel Pitoiset.
  • A bug with the configure script that linked to a SDL_mixer library, even if it doesn't exist, was fixed, by Alexander Solovets.
  • Laser bullets are now faster (it is the speed of light, after all), by Matthias Krüger.
  • Many spelling and grammar errors, as well as other linguistic unacceptabilities have been corrected in the dialogs; thanks to Miles McCammon, Matthias Krüger, and JK Wood.
  • Many behind-the-scenes changes to make the developers' and contributors' lives easier.

All in all, 247 changes were committed.

That sums up February; we wish to thank everyone who has contributed, and urge anyone else who wants to change something to send a patch to rb.freedroid.org. Who knows, maybe you'll even find your name here!

-The FreeDroidRPG Team

Bug in Mesa 7.9 affecting FreedroidRPG

Thu Dec 23 2010

If you have an Intel graphics chip, and are running a recent version of the drivers such as Mesa 7.9 or Mesa 7.10, you will probably experience a very high memory usage of the game, followed by abrupt crashes due to the system being out of memory.

This is the result of a problem inside the driver. Newer versions of the Linux kernel such as 2.6.38 will make the problem disappear, but if you are running an older kernel version than this you will need to apply the workaround described below.

Workaround: disable texture tiling. Install the tool "driconf", start it, and set "texture tiling" to "false".

This bug ticket contains more information.

FreedroidRPG 0.14.1 released

Fri Nov 26 2010

A serious bug was found in FreedroidRPG 0.14, that would in some rare cases corrupt the savegames. FreedroidRPG 0.14.1 fixes this and improves Kevin's dialog.

Savegames from 0.14 will be compatible in most cases, but if you encounter breakage either on the map or when talking to Kevin, send the .shp and the .savegame by mail to this address to get it manually fixed.

The Microsoft Windows .exe file in the original package had a problem. The package has been remade and called _freedroidRPG-0.14.1_build2-win32.zip_. For those who downloaded the original package, an updated .exe file is available at the same place, it is called _freedroidRPG-0.14.1_build2-win32.exe.zip_.

Download FreedroidRPG.

FreedroidRPG 0.14 is out!

Thu Nov 18 2010

FreedroidRPG 0.14 is finally out! FreedroidRPG 0.14 represents almost one year of work, as well as the contributions of three students as part of Google Summer of Code.

The following user-visible improvements have been made over FreedroidRPG 0.13:

  • Hacked bots can now be repaired, at a cost in circuits, heat and time. They can also be renamed.
  • Dialogs are richer, and a few mini text games were added.
  • One new quest was added.
  • There are more graphics than before (new weapons, new player animations, improved NPC animations).
  • Non-playing characters can now belong to different faction, each faction being friendly or hostile to each of the other.
  • Rendering quality was improved in SDL mode.
  • A new armor mechanism was introduced. The armor class defines a ratio of damage reduction. Very high armor classes absorb most of the damage.
  • Magical items have been removed, and replaced with an add-on system that is more realistic and more interesting to play with. This is the work of Ari Mustonen as part of his Google Summer of Code project.
  • Random dungeons have been greatly improved, and will now have more variation. This is the work of Alexander Solovets as part of his Google Summer of Code project.
  • The leveleditor interface was re-designed for more efficiency. This is the work of Samuel Pitoiset as part of his Google Summer of Code project.

Under the hood were done many improvements as well - bug fixes, performance improvements, code cleanups.

Savegames from earlier versions of FreedroidRPG are not compatible with version 0.14.