Time schedule for releasing FreedroidRPG 0.16


Release process

Started in August 2015.

0.16rc1 - 2015-08-16 - commit 5c9672

This is FreedroidRPG 0.16rc1

Here are some major changes:

  • It reintroduces the localization.
  • Various interfaces of the game have been refactored and are now widget-based, allowing them to be displayed better in larger resolutions.
  • Higher-level bots will now see through the Invisibility program.
  • The arena in town has been redesigned. Bots are now fought in waves and in several difficulty levels. Master Arena was kept intact.
  • The game ends a little less abruptly, and the player has the opportunity to enjoy compliments (and other words) from several characters.
  • Background images changes/remasters.
  • New music added near the Hell Fortress.
  • An effect timer can be shown in the Heads-Up Display by enabling it in the game's settings.
  • A new (secure) terminal model was added.

0.16rc2 - 2015-09-07 - commit 3f012f

This is FreedroidRPG 0.16rc2

Some noteworthy changes:

  • Upgrades embedded Lua to 5.3.1
  • Implements a benchmark for events. (experimental)
  • Also implements a background image before displaying "release candidate" warning message for better display.
  • Ensures that GameConfig.locale is correctly initialized.
  • Updates translations.

0.16rc3 - 2015-12-06 - commit 9ee7f5

This is FreedroidRPG 0.16rc3

Some noteworthy changes:

  • Redirect stderr and stdout to files on all OS when not run from a terminal. Can be configured by "--with-open-cmd"
  • Update FDRPG icon.
  • Disable the definition of some unused functions when building without OpenGL, in order to prevent compiler warnings.
  • Add a hack for mingw to fix a issue with non C99 implementation of vsnprintf()
  • Configure -q now honors silent flag. Please note that gettext doesn't honors the silent flag, this haves nothing to do with FreedroidRPG.
  • Do not stop the game if too many bullets or melee shots are started. Instead, ignore additional shots over the maximum number.
  • More bugfixes, specially on Win32 and one on MacOSX.
  • Translation Updates.

0.16 - 2015-12-24 - commit 1e1be3

Final release.

Some noteworthy changes:

  • Follow some FreeDesktop recommendations
  • Add a hack to display a message asking you to reload if Spencer or Pendragon dies, therefore making the game unwinnable/broken storyline.
  • Forces the player to check OS version and receive Spencer's transmission before leaving the HF Server Room.
  • Translation Updates